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ECINT ® European Institute of Economic Intelligence

ECINT® European Institute of Economic Intelligence
ECINT® Institut Européen d'Intelligence Économique
ECINT® Instituto Europeo de la Inteligencia Económica
ECINT® Instituto Europeo dell'Intelligenza Economica

ECINT® is a non-profit organization, founded 2006. Its main seat is in Barcelona, Spain.

This site is mainly 'off-line' until 2022, but you can contact ECINT & Partners for our expertise, today!

ECINT service offices: (map - directions)
Passeig de Gràcia, 130
08012 Barcelona, SPAIN
Phone | Tel. +34 93 5324004
 Skype ecint_eu

ECINT administration seat:
Associació ECINT
Miró Nord, 56
17130 L'Escala, Girona, SPAIN


Our key services:
- Economic intelligence consultancy.  
- Digital age Differential Marketing.
- Routines for Intelligent Re-targeting.
- CRM & BI solutions, Free Software.
- Smart Web² & SMM data integration.

- EU Business Plans online templates.
- EPPM™ new EU document standard,
   incl. EPPM™ financials & training.
- Certified business information &
   credit reviews of EU legal persons.

- ISS security training & development.
- EU Digital Rights & privacy training.
- Ethical & legal IT topics, Seminars.

News Blog: The ECINT® Bulletin
T&D partners: The Barcelona Group®
Consulting partners: Ribeco Group®
Official Links: EU Information Society
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We will soon host our full site and services, again. For information, please contact ECINT's offices.
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